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How will I support you?

Women's Health healthcare concept. Obstetricians consulting female patient on Obstetrics a

By helping you improve your….


  • Quality of life

  • Ability to communicate and deal with conflict

  • Behavioral strategies

  • Self-awareness and self-acceptance

  • Ability to deal with everyday issues at work and home

  • Sleep and eating habits


By assisting you through …


  • Difficult life circumstances and conflict

  • Periods of sickness

  • Dietary changes​


By supporting you …


  • When dealing with stress 

  • When dealing with olfactory issues such as: 

    • anosmia, parosmia, hyposmia, phantosmia

  • Through preventative measures

  • In managing crisis situations

  • In developing more optimism

Beauty Product


Neuroaromatics™ counselling Treatment
1 hour @  CAD 135.-

including personal oil blend as needed

Neuroaromatics™ BE*YOU*TIFUL Treatment
45 minutes @ CAD 110.- 

including personal BE*YOU*TIFUL oil blend 

Mini “train your brain” session  

20 minutes @ CAD  40.-

including our Introductory oil blend

Additional oil mixtures according to ingredients

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