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My Inner Place of Peace and Happiness   

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Most of us yearn to discover ourselves as who we truly are. This is when we feel no pressure, no stress, no expectations, and no thought as to what others think. It is also where love rules and fear is foreign. This exists in all of us but is often hidden by our experiences, impressions, thoughts, and emotions. Throughout our lives our brain creates numerous pathways that circumvent this place of true joy. Therefore, to some extent, we have forgotten who we are and what our treasures are. It is exactly this which we can rediscover and bring back to life.

We are adept at accessing our fears, pain, confusion, anger, sadness and so on. Much like a vehicle travels the same track time and time again, our brain automatically leads us back to its well-worn paths of familiarity. Patterns which have served us well in the past, function as a script to which we continue to return even when situations may have changed.

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Therefore, we ask ourselves: Why does this continue to happen to me, the wrong partner, the same unpleasant experiences at work, the same problems with friends, etc?

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Before we can change these behavioral patterns, we need to identify and redirect them. 
In this way we are able to form new pathways that automatically lead to our inner place of peace and happiness.
And by the way …
If you feel that you are once again following old patterns, do not despair. It is your subconscious that  is trying to protect you from experiencing what you think might be worse.

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