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Within you there is a perfect place....

... where you can find emotional strength and security
... and where you can discover your

joie de vivre and quality of life

We will focus on your own strengths to find your Paradise.

Essential oils create neural pathways in our brain at these levels: 

Old patterns that no longer serve us well are replaced by new, positive ones.

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Our goals are 


  • to discover and embed your inner Paradise


  • to connect with your Paradise as your source of personal power at any time and under any circumstance

  • to support you in your search for your true identity and authenticity, so you can live your best life

How it works

In our sessions we will connect head and heart to achieve emotional balance.  I will assist you in expressing your thoughts, feelings  and  unique personality traits. 


Together,  we will work out a path that conquers your fears  and fullfills your deepest desires.  Whether through script analysis work and mental rehearsal, through transactional analysis, identifying fear typologies or defence mechanisms,  through fantasy trips or EFT, we will find the model that is best suited for you.

An effective essential oil program will  ensure your path to mental and emotional freedom.


Exercise:     Train your brain ...!


                      Feel good!  in 4 steps:


1. Find any touch point within you that feels good. 

    (Memory, imagination, music, colors, image, etc.)


2. Inhale the essential oil/ blend that appeals to you.        


3. The olfactory experience automatically attaches to the positive             feeling  in the limbic system, this will be your olfactory anchor.


4. Perform this regularly once or twice a day for three weeks. Your           aroma  will then  automatically trigger a feeling of wellbeing.

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White Rock, BC, Canada

+ 1-778 8479141

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