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Electromagnetic Fields are all around us. They come from your microwave, cell phone, cordless telephones, TV, computers, fitness tracking devices, routers, ultraviolet waves, x-rays, and the list goes on. EMF exposure has a significant impact not only on your immune system, but also on your body’s RNA, it´s blood cell functions, inter-cellular communications, endocrine function and of course on your nervous system. The cells that suffer the most are the ones that provide the energy required for the neurological synapsis-function.


Therefore, the EMF Protection Roller not only protects your brain cells, but your entire body from electromagnetic radiation. It strengthens the body’s energy levels so that you are able to neutralize negative and invading energies.

Directions for use: Roll over the heart, along your spine and bottom of feet.


 Ingredients: Manuka, Cedarwood, Melissa and others

EMF Protection Blend (Electromagnetic Fields), 10ml roller

SKU: NA21018301NV
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  • EMF Protection Blend shields your body from harmful electromagnetic radiation and boosts your energy level to counter its negative effects

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