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In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, we all seek moments of trust and belief to guide us towards the unexpected miracles that the universe has in store for us. That's why we've created two extraordinary blends - the Miracles-Blend and the Believe-Blend.


The Miracles-Blend is designed to help you experience the magic of the unexpected wonders of the universe. In combination with the Neuroaromatics™ method, with each application, you'll feel a renewed sense of positivity and trust in life's miracles and an invitation to manifest the extraordinary.

Whether you're facing challenges or simply seeking to enhance your daily life, let the Miracles-Blend help you embrace the unknown and open your heart to the infinite possibilities that await and support you on your journey towards a more fulfilling and miraculous life.



"You are entitled to Miracles because of what you are.

Your claim to miracles does not lie in your illusions about yourself.

It does not depend on any magical powers that you have ascribed to yourself, nor on any rituals you have revised.

It is inherent in the truth of what you are.

It is ensured in your creation."

From „A Course in Miracles“


Directions for use: Use them daily to tap into the boundless possibilities that await when you trust in the universe and believe in yourself.

By inhaling and by rolling it onto your skin, you'll invite a sense of empowerment and determination into your daily life.

Roll over your solar plexus and heart area and the occipital triangle.


Ingredients:  Litsea, Ylang-Ylang, Wild Orange and others




Miracles Blend, 10ml roller

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  • Combined with Neuroaromatics™ method, the Miracles-Blend encourages trust in life's wonders and invites extraordinary manifestations, offering support on your path to a more fulfilling life.


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